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Dura-Trel Trellis's: ____ may be special ordered

information updated  5/21/2010          

price and availability subject to change without notice.  

023511_______Cambridge Trellis White ___28x76 h___(discontinued)

023512_______Cambridge Trellis Mocha__ 38x76 h____(discontinued)

023513_______Camelot Trellis White_____ 28 x 64 h___(discontinued)

023514_______Camelot Trellis Mocha____ 28 x 64 h____(discontinued)

023515_______Estate Trellis White_______ 58 x 94 h___(discontinued)

023516_______Winchester Trellis White__ 57 x 96 h __179.99_1 left _(being disc)


Dura-Trel Arbor's:  ____may be special ordered

023517_______Camelot Arbor White_____ 50 x 78h x 28____(discontinued)

023522_______Cottage Arbor Mocha_____ 50 x 88h x 28___243.99_1 left_(being disc)

023521_______Providence Arbor Mocha___ 42 x 78h x 22___219.99_4 left_(being disc)

023518_______Somerset Arbor White_____ 50 x 88h x 28____(discontinued)

023519_______Wellington Arbor White ____50 x 78h x 28____(discontinued)

023520_______Wellington Arbor Mocha____ 50 x78h x 28____(discontinued)