Derry Feed & Supply Co., Inc.

A Purina Americas Country Store


Blue Seal Feeds  

Feed price and availability subject to change without notice.

Prices last updated____x/x/xxxx.   * prices are not posted due to the volatility of the feed market as a result of the draught in the mid-west which is adversely affecting the corn and soybean yields.

010309_____Rounders/ Cinnamon 30oz------------

929________Rounders/ Molasses 30oz--------------

528________Triple Crown WN Low Starch 50lb----

1173_______Carb Guard 50lb----

402________Pacer 12 50lb-------------------

403________Charger 14 50lb------------------

404________Trotter 14 Pellet 50lb---------------

406________Vintage Sweet 12 50lb.--------------

410________Sweet Crimped Oats 50lb------------

411________Strider II Pellets 50lb------------------

412________Vintage Senior 50lb---------------------

414________Horse 10% Sweet 50lb-----------------

417________Hunter Pellets  50lb.--------------------

419________Demand 16 Pellets  50lb---------------

423______Vintage Mare & Foal  50lb---------

424________Vintage Victory  50lb.--------------------

429________Sport Formular 50lb.---------------------

436________BS Omegatin Energy Supplement 50lb.--

005671_____BS EZ Hoof  25lb. Pail-------------------

94031________Triple Crown Senior 50lb.----------------

487________Triple Crown Complete TXT  50lb.-----

494________Hay Stretcher  50lb.-------------disc /see Poulin Super Bites

528________Triple Crown Lite Pellet  50lb.----

924________Beet Pulp Pellet  50lb.-----------------

919________BS Barley Steam Flaked 50lb.------

905________BS Corn Steam Flaked 50lb.----------

                        Please call Bud at  603-432-2921   for information on delivery charge and availability.