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New Hampshire is loaded with carpenter ants. In fact the more wooded and lovely the setting of you house the more danger it is in. The ants will move in itn spring and riddle you sills (these support the 2x6's in you walls) with long tunnels unless you do some preventative action.

Derry Feed has several products which work. The following are the three products which we have used with success ouselves for a home treatment.

755507__Terro Ant Dust__16oz shaker can___6.99 ea 

(use 2 cans for a 24x34 standard foundation____if you have a ranch you may need a third can)

Contains deltamethrin, the latest generation synthetic pyrethriod. This is the first waterproof ant dust available to consumers. Guaranteed long lasting protection. Won't wash away in the rain. This stays effective for up to 8 months. It is ideal for crack and crevice treatment indoors and outdoors. __It is an ideal replacement for Dursban and Diazinon.

To APPLY__Walk the outside perimeter of your home tapping the can against the bottom of the siding or tapping against the cement foundation wall. This will drop a dose of powder onto the crack between the ground and the foundation. The "sills" that the ants love to destroy are the wood planks that lay flat on top of the foundation wall. If you don't miss any spots along the outside of you home doing this should give your sills good protection all season.


323155__High Yield KILL-A-BUG II Lawn Granules__10lb bag__9.99 ea.

Hi Yield Kill-A-Bug II by Hi-Yield is a contact and residual insect control for up to 4 weeks. This product controls surface and foliage feeding pests. Hi Yield Kill-A-Bug II is effective in the control of ants, including fire ants, army worms, billbugs, boxelder bugs, bermudagrass mites, centipedes, chiggers, cinch bugs, clover mites, cockroaches, crickets, cutworms, darkling ground beetles, digger wasps, bermuda grass crickets, fleas, ticks, white grubs, spiders, sod webworms & many other insects.

To APPLY____To help prevent ants in the house put all ten pounds of granules in a pail. Dip into the pail with a large plastic scoop and (while walking around the perimeter of your home) hand broadcast these granules in a 12 foot wide band onto the ground. This bag will do a max surface area of 5000 feet. (400' x 12' band max)__It is important to not miss any spots around your home. The ants will find the unprotected area and get into your house.

On a personal note I have made a band wider than 12' and used the entire bag around my house. It will also keep the lawn free of ants, fleas, ticks and other unpleasant bugs.___Ann @ Derry Feed 

 313316__HI-YIELD 38 PLUS OUTDOOR TERMITE INSECT CONT__pint conc._25.99 ea 

38 Plus is a residual insecticide used in lawns for ants, fire ants, chinch bugs, mole crickets, ants, roaches, fleas, ticks, and many more. Rates vary for lawn use from .4oz to .8oz per 1,000 sq ft. Can be used a perimeter treatment around buildings, window frames, and door frames as a prevention for pest entering building. Also labeled for use on ornamentals, bushes, and trees. 38 Plus also has a termite label for trenching and preconstruction. One Pint of 38 Plus can make from 16 to 64 gallons of finished product. At normal lawn rates 38 plus will teat up to 32,000 sq ft or 3/4 acre. The advantage to 38 plus is its cost effectivness. In lawns 38 plus last up to 3 months. Also 38 plus can not be used indoor. 38 plus is a great option for cost effective pest control where a knockdown is needed.