Derry Feed & Supply Co., Inc.

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Prices last Updated 3/17/2014. Prices are subject to change without notice.


468317_____EXERCISE PEN /8 PANEL/BLACK__24 X 48"H__list 100.12_sale 89.99

468315_____EXERCISE PEN/ 8 PANEL/BLACK__24 X 36"H__list 79.99__sale 69.99 

468313_____EXERCISE PEN/8 PANEL/BLACK__24 X 24"H__list  56.99__sale 49.99

568430___folding__I-CRATE 18"long x12 x14 PUPPY/BLACK____reg 37.99___sale 29.99

568413___1524___I-CRATE  24"long  SMALL FOLDING CRATE___reg 54.99___sale 39.99

568419___xxxx___I-CRATE   24"long SMALL / DOUBLE DOOR____reg 59.89___sale 49.99

568420___1530___I-CRATE  30" long MEDIUM /DOUBLE DOOR___reg 76.99____sale  59.99

568415___1536___I-CRATE  36"long  INTERMEDIATE /SINGLE DOOR___reg 89.99__sale 74.99

568421___XX36___I-CRATE 36"long INTERMEDIATE   /DOUBLE DOOR__reg 96.99___sale 79.99

568416___1542___I-CRATE  42"long  LARGE   /SINGLE DOOR_______reg 125.99___sale 79.99

568422___XX42___I-CRATE 42"long LARGE   /DOUBLE DOOR____reg 129.99___sale 109.99

568417___XX48___I-CRATE 48" long X-LARGE / FOLDING______reg  124.54___sale 99.99

568423___1548___I-CRATE 48"long X-LARGE  /DOUBLE DOOR___reg 157.99___sale 129.99

468385___JUMBO__XX-LARGE  Training Crate 54" long x 35" x 45"__call for pricing   The 468385 / "Jumbo" (SPECIAL ORDER ITEM)____WEIGHS 78LBS __ Recommended For XX-Large Dogs, Borzoi, Great Dane, Great Pyrenees, Irish Wolfhound. I am not sure which ( 35" or 45" ??) is the height and width but great danes are tall.