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Spring Ducklings 

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*Pricing__Ducklings are 6.00 each  (Cayugas are 10.00 each) ,  50% deposit required .

                                minimum order is 4 ducklings.                                                             

*Sexing__Ducklings come "straight run" unless sexing is required.                           

                               Sexing price is an additional *1.50 for each duckling.                     


                                           *prices are subject to change without notice.                              

Brooding temperatures for Ducklings is 85 degress the first week. Decrease the temperature weekly.  Give the ducklings fresh warm water and feed on arrival at home. Ducklings are easy to raise and are quite disease resistant.  Do not feed ducklings medicated feed . Medicated feed used for chicks and turkeys will kill ducklings.  Feed free choice grit at one week of age and provide well balanced feed. Ducklings are good foragers and will eat plenty of good green grass.  BE SURE TO PROVIDE FRESH CLEAN WATER AT ALL TIMES. Ducklings do not get their feathers until they are four to five weeks old, therefore they should not be left outside in cold rainy weather.

Ducklings will arrive in one large shipment at the end of May 2010.  Ducklings will be arriving on a Tuesday or a Wednesday.  You will receive a phone call telling you that your ducklings have arrived and we encourage you to try and pick them up the same day you are called.  Ducklings are available March thru August.  If you do not want to receive your ducklings in the May shipment you may choose a different date but the minimum order for seperate shipping may require more ducklings than you are interested in purchasing.

FOR WINTER______item 338611 Farm Innovators__Heated Poultry Fount___*49.99 ea __*price subject to chg w/o notice.

Varieties of Ducklings

WHITE PEKIN   White Pekin ducks are white with orange feet and bills. They are fast growers weighing 7 to 8 pounds in about 9 weeks. They are also excellent egg layers.

White Pekin

ROUEN  Rouen ducks are similar to Pekin ducks in size and shape. These birds are colored like the Mallard except they are larger in size.


MALLARD  Mallard ducks look like Rouen ducks but are smaller in size. They can fly unless one wing is clipped. They are remarkably hardy and are great foragers.  As layers they are only fair, but have great nesting instincts and if left alone are very successful in hatching and rearing their own young. They are used primarily as an ornamental duck on regulated hunting grounds.

Flying Mallard

KHAKI CAMPBELL  Khaki Campbell ducks are very colorful. The males have brown heads and green bills. They have body shades varying from light beige to dark brown. Khaki Campbells are very good layers and are also used to produce table eggs.

Khaki Campbell

BLUE and BLACK SWEDISH   Swedish ducks are slightly less compact in appearance when compared to Pekin and Rouen ducks. They will stand confinement very well and fatten readilyThey produce large quantities of bluish to gray-white eggs.  When it comes to feed conversion they are very economical. They are exceptionally suitable for cold weather and are most hardy. Essentially they are gray-blue or black in color with a white bib; with others displaying fainter shades of color. These beautiful ducks are becomming increasingly more popular  not only among exhibitors but homesteaders as well. Approximate weights for Swedish Ducks are: Adult Drake...8lbs., Adult Duck...7lbs..  

Blue SwedishBlue Swedish duckling

CAYUGA  the Cayuga is a rare black duck seldom seen nowadays and is a duck of the very choicest quality. These splendid fowl are medium to large in size with a metalic "beetle-green" sheen to their feathers.  These are the real article and not a cross between other black breeds of ducks. Out true Cayuga can be classified as exotic and rare. It is very rugged and they are heavy layers of eggs. Many of their eggs are ebony black in color. They stand extreme cold very well.  Approximate weight for our Swedish Ducks are Adult Drake.....8lbs., Adult Duck...7lbs.    Cayugas are 10.00 each duckling.

.Cayuga Ducks

INDIAN RUNNERS  Because of their long, slender bodies and vertical posture, this unique duck is often called the "penguin" duck. Unlike most ducks, Indian Runner ducks do not waddle....they run. Aided by their fast gait and active disposition Indian Runners are one of, if not the best, foragers of all domestic breeds. Although Indian Runners are not as large as breeds traditionally used for meat, they are popular with people who desire a small, lean meat bird. Runners are a good breed for the home duck flock, being practical as well as highly entertaining. Runner eggs are white, tinted, green or blue.

Indian Runners