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Prices last updated  March 29, 2014.

 Prices are subject to change without notice.


225358    STEP 1       Lebanon Proscape 22-0-6 Team Pro with 43% Mesa and .13 Dimension 

                                       12,500 sq.' cov. slow release fertilizer + pre and post emergent crabgrass control .

                                       Water in after application._   50lbs. - $39.99 per bag              

215303     STEP 1 & 2 COMBO - Lebanon 19-0-6 slow-release fertilizer     

                                       plus Dimension and Confront 3 for greening ,                       

                                         crabgrass and  broadleaf weed control .                                   

                                         Apply to wet or damp turf. 14,500 sq' cov.                               

                                                                                             40lbs. - 51.99 per bag              

350307     STEP 1A   Lebanon 11-23-10 starter fertilizer with 3.71% TUPERSAN . 

                                    Tupersan stops crabgrass from germinating and at the same time

                                    allows new seed to germinate. Crabgrass germinationg in new seed areas

                                   is a common problem.  Two applications 4 weeks apart for best results. 

                                  6,000 sq.' cov. ( 3bags per 1/2acre ).  15lbs - 57.99 per bag                       

215307     LEBANON MESA  -    25-0-5 with 51% 'Mesa'.  Mesa  is a superior slow release fertilizer                       

                                  for lush , long lasting green turf where weeds are not a problem.               

                                 12,500-15,000 sq' coverage (1/3acre)       50lbs. - 29.99                            

Organic Lawn Care:     recommended "safe" to use in warmer weather  

 185-             *BLUE SEAL Step 1"Safe & Simple"Organic Weed Control -9-0-0        

                       * with Corn Gluten Meal    covers 2,500 sq.'        50lbs.        temp out of stock  

 389099 - Espoma Garden Food "Quick Solutions"--( 5-10-5)___ 5#-----$7.99

 076244-     Espoma Organic Lawn Food---(18-0-3) 20lbs covers 5,000sq.'           temp out of stock

 076376      Espoma Organic Lawn--(18-0-3) 40lbs covers 10,000sq.'             temp out of stock  

 620456      Milorganite Organic (professional)         50 lb  bag                        $19.99 bag


Prices are subject to change without notice              

215302---Step 2         Broadleaf & Weed Control w/ Confront 3 (19-0-6) 40lbs.   

                                               Slow release fertilizer with broadleaf weed control .    

                                                Apply to damp turf for optimum results.                  

                                                                         12,500sq.' $36.99                         

LATE SPRING OR  LATE SUMMER APPLICATION:                           

224241---Step 3         Fertilizer with ALLECTUS Insect Control and 30% Mesa - (16-0-8) 50lbs.                      

                                                  Slow release fertilizer.   Water in after application.    

                                                                          13.5 K sq.' $38.99                        

FALL APPLICATION:                                                                                    

215306---Step 4          Fall/Winter (and Starter***) Fertilizer - (12-25-12)               

                                                                            40 lbs. 10,000sq.' $32.99             

FOR ALL SEASONS:              prices are subject to change without notice                               


                                800 sq'cov. - 50lb bag - $22.99                                                             

215307     MESA  -  Lebanon Mesa 25-0-5 is a superior slow release fertilizer      

                                for lush , long lasting green turf where weeds are not a problem. 

                                12,500-15,000 sq' coverage(1/3acre) ______50lbs. -$ 29.99           

000369     Central Garden "MOSS - OUT"  for Lawns __20lbs. (cov 2,000 ft)- 17.99 bag 

107700___Ferti-Lome F-STOP  8lb bag  covers 2,666 sq feet____19.99  each   

 for new seed areas and garden beds

     MULCHING STRAW (CANADIAN)           $10.46 / bale   *Price is subject to change without notice.

FARM FERTILIZERS-- for lawn/garden/shrub/tree--etc                                         

*Prices subject to change without notice    * Prices last updated 3/29/2014.             

600801 19-19-19   "Triple 19"  balanced - all purpose . 9,500 sq'cov.__50#____26.99

600802 -  19-19-19   "Triple 19"  balanced - all purpose . 15,000 sq'cov__80#____41.99

600803 - 10-10-10    "Triple 10"   balanced - all purpose . 5,000 sq'cov__50#____16.99

600804 - 10-10-10    "Triple 10"   balanced - all purpose -_8,000 sq'cov_80#____27.99

600806 - 05-10-10    starter/early season fertilizer___________9.99

600808 - 21-0-0       high nitrogen / ammonium sulfate___50#________19.99

600809 - 45-0-0       high nitrogen / granuar urea__________50# ____23.99 

6008100- 20- 0    super phosphate ( root stimulator/starter) ____50#____32.99

600823 -  0- 0- 50      muriate of potash_______________________50#____32.99

600815 - 15.2 -0 -0    calcium nitrate_  (special order item )______50#_____34.99 

600816 -                      aluminum sulfate_____ __________________50#____  45.99      

600820 - 18-46- 0     Diammonium Phosphate ( a little goes a long way )______5#______6.99

600821 - 18-46- 0     Diamonium Phosphate ( a little goes a long way )________50#____30.99 

000111 - 34-0-0        Nitrogen (special order item)  50lbs  (spec order item )_____29.99


 Controlling Broadleaf Weeds In Turf

Broadleaf weeds are one of the leading sources of customer complaints.  This is particularly true in the spring.  Dandelions always seem to poke their yellow heads out of the ground at the most inopportune time.  Here are a few things you should consider when planning broadleaf weed control.

Granular VS Spray

Most broadleaf herbicides are absorbed more by foliage than by roots.  For this reason the most efficient way to get these materials into the weeds is with a foliar spray application.  There are a number of great products on the market and they all provide excellent cost effective control when used correctly.  While you may get better control with liquids there are a few drawbacks.  Proper mixing is essential to get good results and avoid damaged turf.  It is also very important to have the appropriate safety gear on hand and use it properly when handling concentrates.  Make sure that your spray equipment is properly maintained and calibrated.  Fix any leaks as these can result in turf damage or spills.  Finally, be very careful on windy days.  Sprays are much more likely to end up off target when itís windy.

Granular applications can also be very effective when done properly.  Some materials like ProScape Confront provide excellent control even when applied to dry weeds.  However, for best results most granular products benefit from being applied when there is some dew or moisture on the foliage.  This helps the granule stick and transfers more herbicide to the leaf surface.  Choosing a granule with a small light particle can also help improve control.  The fertilizers in most granular products not only save labor, they will also increase turf vigor and make the turf more competitive.  If you are using spray applications and the turf is undernourished a fertilizer application is highly recommended.  Granular applications are easier to control on windy days and require less sophisticated equipment.

When to Apply

Broadleaf postemergent herbicides are growth regulators that mimic hormones in the plant.  To work they must be absorbed and moved to the site of activity, usually a growing point in the root or leaf.  For this reason the best time to apply these materials is when the weeds are actively growing.  The more active the growth the better these materials will work.  Because larger weeds generally tolerate more herbicide than small ones it is also best to try to control weeds before they become fully-grown.  Healthy turf is very tolerant of broadleaf herbicides so there is a considerable safety margin.  However, stress factors such as drought or and heat can predispose turf to damage.  Donít apply under drought conditions or when temperatures exceed about 80F.  In general newly seeded areas should be mowed two to three times before you apply a broadleaf herbicide.

A great link for weed identification help at MSU!