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 Prices last updated 8/30/2014 . All prices subject to change without notice.   

Mulching Straw for new seed areas-- 10.99/ Bale

000369----Central Garden Moss Control for Lawns --5,000 FT COVERAGE  ___20lbs.--- 17.99 bag 

item 00112 - Annual Rye - a fast germinating attractive rye for quick cover. Survives for one season only. Especially useful in the spring when added to a perennial blend because it comes up fast and holds the soil in place while the perennial seeds are germinating.________1.79 lb____50/59.99

item 00122 - Buckwheat - a fall cover crop. Plant in your garden bed at the end of the season after you have cleaned out the garden. Till under in the spring to enrich the soil. _______1.59 lb____56/58.23 

item 00114 - Clover/medium red - a mediun high perennial red clover, good for areas that run along roadsides that will not be mowed. Attractive red top blooms. _______5.99 lb____50/205.99

item 00113 - Clover/white - a short white perennial clover, that is nitrogen fixing and withstands hot dry weather.   White top blooms. Can be mixed into grass seed blends. _______XXX lb_____50/XXX  May be "Special  Ordered". 

item 00108 - Creeping Red Fescue - a fine bladed attractive perennial seed that will tolerate shade and is attractive as part of a bluegrass/rye/fescue blend.__________2.49 lb_______50/89.99

item 00106 - Kentucky Bluegrass - a fine bladed, very attractive, perennial grass that requires frequent fertilization. Atttractive as part of a bluegrass/rye/fescue blend. ________3.49 lb______50/115.99

item 00107 - Rebel Independent  - Attractive perennial turf fescue. Rebel is a bluegrass cross. It is slow growing, maintains a deep green color fairly easily. The roots go deep and permit Rebel to survive in dry seasons when other grasses die out. ___________3.19 lb________50/124.99

item 00121 - Winter Rye -  a fall cover crop that returns nutrient to the soils.  Put you garden "to bed" with Winter Rye.  Till under in the spring to enrich the soil.________.89lb_______56/28.99 __temp out

GRASS SEED BLENDS: All prices subject to change without notice.

item 00129 - Athletic Field Mix - a tough perennial grass with a large % of fescue. _________________________________________2.75 lb___50/109.99 

item 00101 - Derry Special  (a premium seed blend)-a fine bladed, shade tolerant, durable, beautiful 100% perennail seed blend. Derry Special is a top of the line for looks, and performance. Rate: apply 3-5# per 1000 sq. feet. For lawn repair or top seeding old lawn apply at 1/2 rate.__3.39 lb__50/129.99 

item 00104 - Reclaim Dry -  information coming later.______5.99 lb_____50/249.99 temp out of stock

item 00105 - Slope Mix- information coming later._________4.49 lb_____25/112.25

item 00110 - Triplex Rye - a blend of three attractive perennial ryes. Germinates faster than most perennial blends. Very attractive.  Rate: apply 3-5# per 1000 sq. feet. _____3.39 lb_____50/129.99

item 00102 - Derry Contractors - a blend of 65% perennial grasses and 35% annual grasses. Germinates in 7-10 days for quick coverage.  Not as fine bladed as premium blends. Economy priced and durable. _______________________________________________1.99 lb___50/69.99

FORAGE SEEDS: All prices subject to change without notice.  

item 539528 - Evolved Easy Plot No-Till Forage - Forage for deer and wildlife_15#bag / 34.99 ea

item 00116 - Economy Forage Mix  -  A hayland mix made up of timothy and clover. __3.85 lb__50/129.99

item 00136 - Perfecta Equine Horse Pasture Mix -    __3.99 lb___25/78.99

item 022208 - Evolved Pro Graze Forage Attractant - ______ 4 lb / 26.99

item 022213 - Evolved Shot-Plot Forage Attractant - _______2.5 lb  / 14.19