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Guineas last updated 6/22/13

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Guineas History and Use:  All guineas originally came from Africa and have always been prized for their all-dark, gamey tasting meat. In many of the world’s top restaurants guinea is still found on the menu and demands a very high price. Guineas are very easy to raise. Once you get them started, they live and grow on bugs, insects and weed seeds. They newly hatched young are called keats and are very active from the start. Once guineas are grown they will range throughout your farmstead foraging for food and serving as you personal watchdogs by calling: Buckwheat! Buckwheat! to all strangers that pull into your yard. Many of our customers report the addition of guineas to their homestead has greatly reduced the number of ticks, particularly the dreaded deer tick. Until 12 weeks of age, different colors of guineas will look similar and be difficult to distinguish.
 Ordering Guineas:   for information on quantity see BUD or ANN.
Pricing - Guinea Keets are 5.99 each (price includes shipping) for any color.   A cash deposit is required at the time of ordering.  Once the order has been called in to the hatchery the deposit will not be refunded. Please be sure of your purchase when placing your order.  * Prices are subject to change without notice.                
Sexing - Guinea Keets are shipped STRAIGHT-RUN ONLY.  Sexing is not available.
Shipping day for Guineas will be Monday and Tuesday. The Keets will therefore arrive on a Tuesday or Wednesday in mid/late spring.
Brooding Temperature    Decrease the temperature weekly. The first week keep the temperature 90-95 degrees.
Supplies needed to Begin:  a heat lamp and bulb,  a large box, shavings. a waterer & feeder, chick starter mash. Chick starter mash comes in 25 and 50 lb bags.  
Never give cold water to keets upon arrival. Give them fresh warm water and a baby chick starter feed. Guinea keets cannot eat a coarse feed, therefore should be fed a very fine crumbled feed or mash.
Keet Colors: Keets are available in pure white,  pearl, and "fancy assorted" (including lavender and royal purple).  They will reach a 3lb average at 16-18 weeks if fed properly. They offer good profits, have a dry litter and nno known disease of their own. Guineas are known to eat large amounts of insects.  In the past year, Guineas have been purchased for the sole purpose of eating the deer tick which causes lyme disease.

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