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  Prices subject to change without notice * prices last updated_Nov 18, 2011.

         056002__ Halite Rock Salt__ 50lbs___$6.99                             

          from Scotwood Industries:                                          

         000175____"Greenscapes" Ice Melt___50 lb bag___$ 11.99    Environmental grade. -10 degrees F melting power. Melts faster than rock salt and requires fewer applications. With proper use, safe for vegetation and concrete; enhanced with color indicator to prevent over-applying, lowers chloride content andd corrosion.

         000465___"Road Runner" Ice Melt___50 lb pail____$ 17.99   Premium grade. Fastest blended de-icer on the market, no tracking. Melting point: -15 degrees F melting power. Melts significantly faster than rock salt and requires fewer appliccations. Catalyst: Calcium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride. With proper use, safe for concrete and vegetation.  

          000595___"Pet Friendly" Ice Melter___20 lb bag____$ 10.99  

          010006___"Pet Friendly" Ice Melter___9.5 lb jug____$ 9.99  Pet Friendly Magnesium Chloride Pellets. Superior in pet and vegetation safety. Melting point: -15 degrees F melting power. Melts faster than rock salt and requires fewer applications. Catalyst: 100%Magnesium Chloride (needs no catalyst, works on impact) . Safer for pets and vegetation than any other leading enviro-blend. 



         056007___Sand (Tube)________________70# tube__$ 6.69          

         008307___Sand (Traction sand)_________40lb bag___$ 4.29       

            055991___CACL (Calcium Chloride)  Flakes___50 lb bag__$16.99      

            750045___CACL (Calcium Chloride)  Pellets___50 lb bag__$17.99      

         Safe Step Ice Melter 

            *Recommended/High Quality __Potassium Chloride based__

            Melts ice below 0 to -18 degrees.__

                Helps prevent refreezing up to 2-1/2 times longer than conventional ice melters.

                Protects concrete from damage by extending the freeze/thaw cycles.

               Won't harm concrete,  plants,  pets,  shoes or carpet when used as directed

               No slick oily residue.

               Safe to handle; won't burn or irritate skin.        

              056025_______25 lb bag__________$ 10.99                

           056050_______50 lb bag___________$ 20.99               

           057045______*45 lb. pail_________$ 19.99  *"WinterStorm Blend"

           056100______100lb. drum_________$ 46.99                 

             Additional Items: 

                                             48" Aluminum Driveway Markers,  per each

                                             48" Oak Grade Stakes /  per each or economical bundle of 25 

                                             Posted Signs/Yellow /Legal                                          

                                              Sunbelt Plastic ( all sizes),                                             

                                              Warp Coverall  (4 mil plastic sheeting) several sizes

  •                                       Tarps (all sizes),                                                              

  •                                       Snow Fencing to control drifting snow

  •                Wilt Pruff Plant Protector :                            

  •                                         489603_Qt Concentrate_ 27.99                         

  •                                         489700_ Gal Concentrate_79.39                      

  •                                         489581_Ready-To-Use Quart__12.99              

  •     Also in Stock__ Huge Selection: 

  •             Snow Shovels,  Snow Pushers,  Snow Scrapers, 

  •             Roof Rakes,  and Extensions.