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*Prices subject to change without notice.  

prices last updated March 17, 2014 .  

FAST ACTING *Solu-cal USA for lawns, golf courses, sports turf, landscapes and ornamentals - Fertilizer plus Fast Acting Lime: 4X more powerful than lime. Raise the PH of your lawn with less work and great results. Saves time , labor and space. 75% fewer bags to handle and spread. THESE ARE SAFE ORGANIC PRODUCTS.

111123__13030_6-12-6 AC + Solu-Cal  (with 17% calcium PLUS STARTER FERTILIZER)_ Less costly and more efficient than other starters. Performs like 12-24-12 at a significantly lower cost. Fortified to ensure seedling development and increase turf vigor, reducing weed pressure. Helps plants take in more of the nutrients from the soil.   50lbs. covers 10,000 sq'sq.'_$30.99           

111121__12020__Solu-Cal "S" (with 27%calcium - 22%sulfur - Super  soil conditioner)_4X the power of Gypsum. (gypsum in caps) To correct high sodium or magnesium or loosen hard packed clay soils apply 10 bags per acre once or twice a year. To relieve roadside salt damage apply 1 bag on 4,000 sq. ft. in late fall and once again in early spring. Will increase aeration of soil, creating pore space.  50lbs. covers 4,000sq.'_(6 bags- 1/2 Acre) $25.99 

111118__11010__Solu-Cal  (with 29% Fast -Acting "Calcitic" Lime impregnated with 2x rate of PHCA Organic Carboxy Tech.) 4X more powerful than lime.  Apply 12 bags per ACRE to correct a low PH.  May be applied 1/2 strenght for a conservative maintenance application.  Increases seedling vigor.  "Calcitic" Sol-u-cal is more effective in the Southern NH area than Dolomitic Lime. 50lbs. covers 4,000 sq.'__( recommended 6 bags per 1/2 acre to help renovate lawns) $16.99

Standard LIME Products 1. Lime raises the PH in soil. Soil with a low PH is toxic to plant life. 2. Lime helps roots absorb the nutrient in fertilizer so your fertilizer dollar is not wasted. 3. Lime adds the essential macro-nutrients CA (calcium) and MG (magnesium) to soil. 

 Application Rates:  apply 25-60 pounds per 1000 sq.' 25lbs/1000' is a minimum conservative application. (5-11 bags per 1/4 ACRE) If you have not limed in a couple years and/or your soils tends to have a lot of clay in it apply a heavy dose. Lime may be applied the same day as seed and fertilizer. Often lawns that are thinning and failing or are full of weeds are lawns that have not been limed in a few years. Sooner is better than later to apply lime if your lawn needs it. 

Prices Subject to Change Without Notice. prices updated 3/17/2014.

220713__PRO PELLET LIME - Dolomitic      1 bag._  5.99   per  55.12# bag  ( 1 bag covers 1,000 sq feet ).

                 10 bags __5.75 ea  ( total 57.50 ) ( 10 bags will cover 10,000 or  1/4 acre-  ) 

                full pallet ( 56 bags )  pallet discount_$ 289.99 ( 5.17 ea) ( covers 56,000 sq feet or  1-1/4 acre)    



021118__HYDRATED (HOT) LIME______

021120__MARKING/GUIDE LIME_______