Derry Feed & Supply Co., Inc.

A Purina Americas Country Store

Mulches & Play Sand


 Mulching Straw 7.99 / bale  (as of 5/30/09)

000369     Central Garden "MOSS - OUT"  for Lawns __20lbs. (cov 5,000 ft)- 17.99 bag 

012309__Bayer "FUNGUS CONTROL" for Lawns__10lbs. (cov 5,000 ft)-19.99 bag

All prices subject to change withut notice.   Prices last updated  3/25/09.

390502____CEDAR NUGGETS/kid safe mulch---3cu'-------3.69------3/9.99      

390500____ CEDAR MULCH--------------------3 cu'------3.59------3/9.49 temp out  

003000____GREAT RED CEDAR------------------3cu'-------4.99 -----3/13.99              

390504____PRIZED HEMLOCK-------------------3cu'--------5.25------3/14.49              

390508____PREM SPRUCE/PINE BLEND--------3cu'--------3.89------3/11.49             

234206____COCOA SHELL--------------------2.0 cu'--------6.89------3/17.99                    

421002____SMALL  MARBLE  CHIPS-----------50# bag-------3.99---3/10.99                 

421001____MEDIUM MARBLE CHIPS-----------50#bag--------3.99---3/10.99 temp out 

420101____PLAY SAND - KSC WHITE 40#bag---- 4.49 each     5/19.95