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Prices are subject to change without notice. 

Prices last updated____x/x/xxxx.   * prices are not posted due to the volatility of the feed market as a result of the draught in the mid-west which is adversely affecting the corn and soybean yields.

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94031__ Senior Textured__50#_______________ in stock

94031 Senior Textured

94038__ Lite Pellet__50#____________________in stock

94038 Lite Pellet

Items in red print are not in stock but may be special ordered. 

94032__*Triple Crown Complete Textured__50#___*not currently stocked

94033__*Triple Crown Growth Textured__50#____*not currently stocked

94037__*Triple Crown Low Starch Pellet__50#___*not currently stocked

94040__Triple Crown 14% Performance Textured__50#

94041__Triple Crown Training Formula Textured__50#

94050__Safe Starch Forage Chopped Hay__50#

94051__Alfalfa Forage Chopped Hay__50#

94052__Grass Forage Chopped Hay__50#

94053__Timothy Balancer Cube__50#

94039__Triple Crown 30% Supplement Pellet__50#

94056__Triple Crown Rice Bran Oil Plus __Liquid Gallon

94055__Triple Crown Treats___ 26oz bags__case of 10