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CB40_______CURRAN BEDDING PRODUCTS________________________

__________1-9 BAGS_________________5.99___________________

___________10+ BAGS________________5.89___________________

__________50/40'S PALLET____________284.99________________

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004652___"Top Bedding" Horse Pellets NOT STOCKED RIGHT NOW

003043__"Maine Woods" Horse Stall BeddingNOT STOCKED RIGHT NOW


Info on WOODY PET below:

___raw White Soft Wood Shavings and Sawdust undergoes extreme processing which extracts most of the resins, oils, tars, acids and water from the wood fiber. Exiting the milling process the product is completely sterile in granulated form and has become an extreme absorbent. Looks like, but does not taste like Granola. We have eliminated the Dangerous Aromatic Hydrocarbons which cause Hives and Respiratory Irritation (Coughing) for horses. There are NO ADDITIVES of any kind in this product, it is 100% Biodegradable Sterile Wood Fiber.


Woody Pet Professional Animal Bedding will expand to about three times the depth and transform from the granulated state into Fluffy Sawdust Bedding almost instantly as it absorbs urine. You want to bring the bedding moister content up to a point where the bedding feels quite damp to the touch of your hands but will not transfer into the knee of your blue jeans when you kneel on it. This will take from one to two weeks depending on how much urine the horse is adding to it. Keeping the bedding damp will eliminate the possibility of dust and both wet and dry hoof problems. So here's the difference: DO NOT REMOVE THE WET SPOTS until the bedding throughout the entire stall feels damp. Just pick out the manure which is very easy because the finer bedding material will fall through the tines of your fork. After you pick out the manure, mix the wet bedding with the dry bedding throughout the entire stall. Mixing ensures that the dryer bedding will absorb the excessive urine out of the saturated bedding. This allows the odor to be locked into the bedding which greatly reduces ammonia odor in your stalls. After the first week or two you start adding about one bag per week to each stall, after you get used to this new way of life you may never have to strip a stall again. On average one pallet containing 65 bags will last one horse in one stall for one year. For stall management in detail click on New User Instructions.


The Uria in the Urine is what begins the decomposition process. Because the wood fibers in our product are much smaller than shavings and sawdust, and because the Uria is not diluted by resins, oils, tar, and excessive water as it is in shavings and sawdust, it begins the decomposition process immediately, and decomposes much faster than shavings and sawdust.


The first thing that most horses do when they are introduced to Woody Pet Professional Animal Bedding is taste it. But because all of the tasty stuff has been removed it really tastes terrible, and it instantly dries out their mouth. So far we have not had a single report of a horse either continuing to eat our product, or in trouble from doing so.


Woody Pet Professional Animal Bedding as seen below is conveniently shipped on standard 40 inch by 48 inch pallets. The pallets are shrink wrapped and over bagged with a plastic bag that covers the entire pallet and then shrink wrapped again. Ideal for outside storage if necessary, however we do recommend that you store them under a tarpaulin just in case.