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METAL FENCE POSTS__price is subject to change without notice.

prices last updated 8/24/09.

031014___Garden Zone__3'_light weight_____2.79

031015___Garden Zone__4'_light weight_____3.69

031016___Garden Zone__5'_light weight_____4.49

031017___Garden Zone__6'_light weight_____5.29

396700___Garden Zone__6'_heavy weight____9.99 (being disc)

Garden Zone light weight metal post   / see below/  suitable for most alpplications.

278300___5' Franklin Yellow Tip Hvy Duty "U" Post_____9.49

278505___6' Franklin Yellow Tip Hvy Duty "U" Post_____11.19

278718___7' Franklin Yellow Tip Hvy Duty "U" Post_____12.99

278807___8' Franklin Yellow Tip Hvy Duty "U" Post_____14.69

278905___5'__*Franklin White Tip "T" Post___7.49    

278904___6'__*Franklin White Tip "T" Post___8.79    

279102___7'__*Franklin White Tip "T" Post___9.99    

278906___8'__*Franklin White Tip "T" Post___11.39   

278907___*Franklin "Clips" for "T"  Post______.99     

 * Franklin "T" Posts are usually a special order item.    

             Time to ship - usually 1 week.                


000965___Geotex____4'__3/8"Fiberglass White Electric Fence Post___2.09

000973___Geotex____5'__3/8"Fiberglass White Electric Fence Post___2.59

089631___Dare_____4' Black Poly "Step-In" Post____3.59

183407___Zareba___54" Metal Rod Post with Phlange__3.59

361941__Hy-Ko___48"_Red Plastic Driveway Marker____1.99

361946__Hy-Ko___48"_Orange Fiberglass Marking Rod__2.89

698335__Twin____SR608__5' x 5/8" Sucker Rod __5.79

698364__Twin____TP435__62" White Poly Post___4.29

 698364___Twin White Poly Post

579009__SRPD-1____Scenic Road Post Hole Driver___44.29   ea                    


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