Derry Feed & Supply Co., Inc.

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Quality Rubber Mats 

price updated 7/30/2020__price subject to change without notice.

 4' x 6' x 3/4"  GROOVED ON ONE SIDE  -  weight approx. 100# each 

$ 41.50 ea. (cash & carry)  


Complete comfort in:
Box stalls
Riding areas
Training areas
Wash areas

We all know that stall floors are economically invaluable. Whether by reducing bedding use, improving air quality, minimizing cleaning time or making your horses more comfortable, good quality flooring will pay for itself.  

So why Derry Feed Stall Mats? 
These mats start with only the highest available grade of recycled tires – truck tires. You’ll notice there are no white flecks in this matting! The rubber is revulcanized to ensure total bonding, using a process free of binders or glue. You can count on genuine fused rubber, not rubber that’s been stuck together. 


                                       Call Bud for information on delivery cost and scheduling .....603-432-2921