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Prices last updated 4/8/11.

Manure /Compost

000002_____"WinterWood" Premium Shellfish Compost - 40#------5.99 ea   4/ 21.99  Ideal amendment for clay and sandy soils. Aerates soil and promotes strong root development.   Contains a high percentage of feed stocks harvested from the processing of fish, shrimp, lobster and crab.  Contains no municipal waste, no bio-solids and no chemical additives.

421021_____"Moo-Doo" Composted Cow Manure - 34Qt -------5.75 ea----4/ 20.99 Improves soils natural ability to retain moisture by adding organic matter to the soil.

421022_____"Moo-Plus" Dehydrated Cow Manure - 40Qt ------8.99 ea---- 3 / 23.99  Use Moo-Plus as an ORGANIC fertilizer, soil amendment or as a base for mulching. Can use in flower beds and vegetable gardens as well as mulching around trees shrubs and topdressing lawns.

200401_____"Chickity" Doo-Doo (2500 sq ft cov)- 40#----19.99ea__ Derived from 100% chicken manure, Chickity doo-doo has no offensive odor . This product has been baked and sterilized. There are no added chemicals and is safe for kids, pets, drinking water and the environment. May be used on all lawn and garden areas.

805250_____Gro Max Composted Cow Manure - 40#--------------3.29 ea-----4/10.99

 620401_____Milorganite  (5-2-0)  36#----------------------------------12.29 ea

  Soils & Soiless Mixes:  Note/ this is a partial list.

839214__Espoma  Soil  Perfector - 27#------------------------12.99

390900__Jolly Topsoil - 40#---------------------------------------2.85---------5/12.49

809258___GroMax Potting Soil -40#----------------------------3.69

700105__Moo-Plant Tree & Shrub Mix - 1cu'---------------5.49 ea.------4/19.99

390905__Moo- Grow All Purpose Potting Soil -40#---------4.79-----------3/12.99

100103__Moo- Start Germinating Mix-10qt------------------4.99 ea.

299243__Scotts MG Seed Starting Potting Mix----8qt.-----4.39 ea.

299237__Scotts MG Potting Soil w/fert-----8qt.--------------5.39 ea.

299238__Scotts MG Potting Soil w/fert ---16qt.--------------7.99 ea.

390450__Scotts MG Potting Soil w/fert   -1cu'----------------8.99

390451__Scotts MG Potting Soil  w/fert  - 2cu'--------------13.79

195792 ---Schultz Cactus Soil 4Qt-------------------------------3.69ea.

746116__Saint Gabriel Diatomaceous Earth---2.5k (6#)--------9.99 ea.

232009__Hoffman Vermiculite----2cu'---------------24.99 ea.

233382__Hoffman Vermiculite---18qt.--------------13.99 ea.

233803__Hofffman Vermiculite---8qt.---------------8.99 ea. 

233226__Hoffman Perlite---8qt.----------------------6.99 ea.

232017__Hoffman Perlite---2cu.'-------------------22.99 ea.

232610__Hoffman Perlite---18qt.------------------10.99 ea.

390427__Scotts MG  Perlite---8qt.----------------4.19ea.

390429__Scotts Sphagnum Peat-----8qt.---------4.19 ea.

193127__Mosser Lee (sheet peat moss/green)----125 sq."---5.89 ea.

_________*Fertilmix------*****not available at this time

295904__Schults Moisture Plus Soil Mix  - 1 cu'----12.49

299242__Scotts Miracle-Gro African Violet Soil - 8 Qt------4.19 ea.

392903__Berger Growing Medium (BM1 seed starter soil ) 3.8cu.'------25.99 ea