Derry Feed & Supply Co., Inc.

A Purina Americas Country Store


Prices are subject to change without notice.       Prices last updated  10/6/2011.

Allied Precision

003514___#7621___UL Floating Tank De-Icer 1000W___27.99

003549___-----____UL Floating Tank De-Icer 1500W___38.79___sale 32.19(A BEST SELLER)

003557___#88R____Rust-Proof Snap On Guard for floating de-icers__15.29 (A BEST SELLER)

338341___-----_____Heated Bucket 2.25g , 9qt. _______reg 45.19__sale 39.99

338361___----______Small Red Pond Breather__________69.99 (no pict avail)

338340___---_______Universal Drain Heater 1500W____reg. 58.29__sale 49.99                                   

001880___---_______Floating Pond De-Icer 1500W____59.99

001848___----______Sinking Pond De-Icer  1500W____reg 55.49___sale 49.99

001899___----______Floating Pond De-Icer 1000W____reg 56.29___sale 49.99

002218___----______16 gqallon heated bucket / blue____reg 107.49___sale 99.99 

003522___742-G____14" Bucket Heater  1000W______reg 49.19____sale 44.99

001879___------____Floating Tank De-Icer  1000W____83.49 (one left-discontinued item. no pict avail.)

338369___------____Cast Aluminum Bird Bath De-Icer__37.99 

338591   003514





003522 338369 (for bird baths)

Allied Precision 338361 and 001879 have no picture. Sorry.

Farm Innovators

338591___FB-120__Heated Bucket De-Icer 5gallons__reg. 58.69__sale 39.99 (A BEST SELLER)

338592___-------_____16g green plastic heated tub__ 79.99 (A BEST SELLER)

338593___H-4810____1000W Floating De-Icer_______24.99

338400___H49______Submersible Bucket Heater 250W__46.49

338362___W-449_____Bucket Heater 1000W_________43.89

338346___D-19_______Square Heated Pet Bowl_______34.99 (A BEST SELLER)

338606___----________Large Heated Pond Saucer_____42.99  not pictured, sorry.

338275___DPH-15____ Drain Plug De-Icer_____49.69

338276___-----________Universal Drain Plug De-Icer 1500W___49.99

338281___C-250______Utility Submergible De-Icer___________41.69

338609___------_______Heated Clear Water Bottle________29.99  (A BEST SELLER) not pictured, sorry.

338611___------_______Heated Poultry Fount______49.99 (A BEST SELLER) not pictured, sorry.

338305___P-418_______POND Floating De-Icer 1250w_______49.99



065030____PHSW____Insulated 5G Waterer__reg  125.29_sale 109.99 (A BEST SELLER)


Miller Manufacturing

406384____HB-125____Heater Base 125W Element____69.99 (A BEST SELLER)


406384 - for metal poultry waterers