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POULTRY NEWS ON RFD TV__You may have to call your cable supplier and request RFD TV. There are some towns in NH that get it. I think Portsmouth NH gets this channel. The cable provider will add it if they get enough requests.    Ann @ Derry Feed

Turkeys will be arriving at the end of May 2013.

 Please come into Derry Feed & Supply in persn to place your order before May 1st.  

 Price is $5.50 per turkey poult.  This price includes shipping from Pennsylvania.  

 A 50% CASH DEPOSIT and your contact information is required when you place your order.  

                                          *Price is subject to change without notice.                                           

Broad Breasted White Turkey Poults in box...

Turkeys do not begin eating readily. They need to be taught to eat. By placing bright marbles of tin foil strips in the feed and waterers the turkeys will start picking and will soon be eating. The first week you have your poults maintain a temperature of 90 to 95 degrees for them.  This temperature may be decreased weekly. Vitamin pack -plus of Terramycin Poultry Formular can be used in the drinking water to fight bacteria and the stress of shipping in day old Poults. Turkey Poults should be fed Turkey Starter. Avoid chilling and over-heating at all times.