Derry Feed & Supply Co., Inc.

A Purina Americas Country Store


All wheelbarrows and carts come fully assembled and ready to go.

PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. Prices last updated  April 9, 2011.

018212----M20-"P"__6.5cu' Vermont Cart - Md. - 300#cap.- pneumatic tires__

__________________     reg. 280.00--sale 214.99

018213----M26-"S"_13.6cu' Vermont Cart - Lg. - 400#cap.- hvy duty wheels__0.

___________________  reg. 324.79--sale 279.99

194001----8cu' Load Dumper Multi-Cart_spec order item_reg. 220.00----sale 199.99

371564---6cu' Blue Steel W'Barrow________________reg. 159.99-----sale 134.99

372846  ---5.75cu' Blue Poly W'Barrow_____________reg. 169.69----sale 139.99

374415  ---6cu' Black Steel W'Barrow______________reg.  100.86---sale 74.99 

374431----6cu' Grey Poly W'Barrow________________reg. 109.06-----sale 84.99

375928---10cu' "Two Wheeler"Orange Poly W'Barrow___reg. 208.26---sale 159.99

580619---10cu' "Two Wheeler"Beige Poly Wheelbarrow__reg. 248.76---sale 189.99

105494-----*#2 OX CART (pressure treated )______reg. 378.39--sale 319.99 *

306560-----MUCK CART (carries your muck bucket)_____reg. 67.29--sale 56.99 

018212__ med cart__ 214.99018213__ lg.cart__279.99_solid tires

194001__ Load Dumper__199.99  spec  order item

371564__6 cu' blue steel__134.99372846__5.75cu' blue poly__139.99 374415___6cu' black steel__74.99374431____6cu' gray poly__84.99375928____10cu' "Two Wheeler" orange poly__159.99580619__ 10cu' "Two Wheeler" beige poly__189.99 105494__ OX CART__319.99 _temp out

 306560__MUCK CART__ 56.99