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                    WOOD PELLETS  :            

        PRICES UPDATED___September 27, 2018.  ***.      Price is subject to change without notice .







*Curran *Curran*Granules LG*Comfort PlusGranules LG
Eastford, Conn.Massena, NY           Massena, NY    Quebec, CanadaQuebec,  CanadaQuebec, Canada

Mid-Range PremiumMid-High End PremiumMid-High End PremiumHigh End PremiumSuper PremiumSuper Premium
70% HrdW / 30% SftW
40 lb bags40 lb bags40 lb bags40 lb bags40 lb bags33.07 lb bags*
1-9 bags - 5.29 each1-9 bags - 5.69 each1-9 bags - 5.69 each1-9 bags - 6.29 each1-9 bags - 6.39 each1-9 bags - 5.49 each
10+ bags    -   5.19 each10+ bags - 5.59 each10+ bags - 5.59 each10+ bags - 6.19 each10+ bags - 6.29 each10+ bgs - 5.39 each
50 bags ( 1 ton ) - 239.99  50 bags ( 1 ton ) - 259.99 50 bags (1 ton ) - 259.9950 bags  ( 1 ton ) - 289.9950 bags  ( 1 ton ) - 299.99 60 bags ( 1 ton ) - 299.99
BTU's 8,200/lb.BTU's 8,600/lb. BTU's 8,500/lb.BTU's 8,500/lb.BTU's 8,900/lb.BTU's 8,700/lb.
<_Ash 0.6 %  <_Ash 0.6 %   <_Ash 0.70 %   <_Ash 0.50 % <_Ash 0.35 %<_Ash 0.35 %

              please call for delivery pricing 603-432-2921 (Bud)


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 information.  Please remember to provide your name address and telephone when you write. 

SOFTWOOD_Softwood pellets put off the highest BTU's and the least amount of ash. Widely known to cord wood burners, hardwood is more dense and has less moisture than softwood and is the most efficient wood fiber to burn in cord wood state. For pellets however, that is different. Density plays a big part in the production of wood pellets which can change the properties of the wood fiber.  All three pellets CURRAN produces are PFI certified premium grade (hardwood, blend , and softwood). To make a softwood pellet, it requires almost double the amount of fiber to compress and longer drying times to reduce the moisture that exists in softwood.  The end result is a dense softwood pellet that gives off more BTU'S and less ash. The most common misconception is that the burn rate is higher. That is not the case. CURRAN softwood will not burn any faster than hardwood or blend because the pellets all have the same density per pound.

WOOD PELLETS a natural resource that comes from left over materials made from wood. Commonly, they come from wood mills from the form of scrap wood. But they are also obtained from furniture manufacture, recycling centers, roadside scrap, nuts, sawdust, logging residue and paper packaging plants. A pellet manufacture will then dry, compress and form the scrap wood into small cylinder shaped pieces of wood. The wood pellets produce very clean and are environmentally safe.


Trying to burn wet wood is a waste of energy and time.  Keep WOOD PELLETS off the ground and stored in a dry location to avoid moisture. If stored in a garage or shed, the wood pellets should be easy to access and off the floor. If they are to be stored outside, store them away from buildings, with only the top covered, leaving the sides and bottom exposed to allow air to circulate. However, if you store your wood pellets outside you might need to be creative when thinking of a dry location that is off the ground.  Dry wood burns best, and keeping it dry is the key.  


 COAL / 40 lb bags 

Coal prices last updated on Oct.29,2018.  Prices are subject to change without notice.

Derry Feed Coal E-mail List - please send an email Derry Feed at and request that you be added to the email list for Coal pricing information. Please remember to provide your name address and telephone .   

 LEHIGH Standard Coal


 Pea, Nut ,Rice & Stove Coal 

$6.59 /bag, 1-9   bags_____ picked up.

$6.49 /bag, 10-49 bags_____ picked up.

$299.99/ton (50 bags)________picked up. 

Delivery is available. Call Bud 432-2921 for delivery pricing.


002016........Behrens Black Coal Hod.......(without shovel).............29.99

002215........Behrens Black Hod Shovel................6.99


FATWOOD KINDLING (093010).......10# box*.................19.99  each

CEDAR KINDLING................................3/4 cu' each

KILN DRIED KINDLING WOOD.........lg white each

*fatwood will be in a 10lb box this year

 instead of a bag. The weight and price is the same as last year.




       50 LB. BAG   - please call for price 432-2921 (Bud) 

       Price subject to change w/o notice